The room is pretty open to another room that we painted BM polished slate. I’m leaning towards colors like Navajo White, White Down or maybe something with a little more color like bone white. Stainless steel appliances have a stark color difference from oak. Read more: Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. Instead, it would help if you considered a more pale yellow. If you must go with a stark-white fridge, you will want to compliment this white with a deeper color on the walls. An oil finish made it golden/red in color. It is a sophisticated look that makes any space immediately look more modern. The exception being if that charcoal is complimented by another color, as you do not want it to be too dark. Is there any way to pull this room together? (We Have a Fix! Any help would be appreciated. Here are just a FEW reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…. While yellow-toned woods are usually pretty darned yellow, orange-toned woods easily lean into yellow or red, but the dominant undertone is still orange. Im redoing our bedroom and have it narrowed down to sea salt, rainwashed and palladian blue (we have wythe blue in our kitchen and i love it!) Dark wood flooring has been and still is very popular in homes. How to Coordinate Different Wood Stains and Finishes. This is not going to highlight nor blend in with most woods unless you have DARK wood, which would be highlighted via the contrast, not the colour. (We have oak throughout the home, so changing the color of the oak … We just moeved 2 months ago and our house is 100% north facing and DAMN it’s a cool gray/blue light. 32 Stunning Paint Colors For Living Rooms With Dark Furniture The colors used can produce the room seem larger or smaller in proportion. You can also choose to go with a more vibrant blue. How to Use LRV to Pick a Paint Colour. Thank you for visiting my site, chat soon! I have red oak cabinets in my kitchen with browns/ blacks/tans in quartz counter. We just move into a house with stained pine wood ceilings and walls in an orange brown. The Spruce Best Home Distilled Aqua is a gentle hue of dusty blue with a lovely ocean green undertone that pairs beautifully with both dark and light wood tones. Hi Kylie, When the wall color competes or clashes with the colors in wood cabinets, trim or furniture, it can cause a slightly unsettled appearance. Looks like a pretty green grey. As you can see in the photo, the open-style kitchen has a combination of honey oak cabinets and white appliances, which here are stove and dishwasher. The rest of my home has warm earth tones with a rustic look. Floors are medium oak. Chat soon! Online Colour Consulting and E-Design Services! It’s a slightly fresher choice with its subtle, earthy, gray-green blend, as shown in my client’s bedroom below…, Read more: The 8 Best Blue and Green Paint Colours, 11. Still not sure what the best colour for your home is? Green is another cool color that has excellent potential to contrast. I have a teak parquet floor, and a beautiful 1920s vanity in a similar color of wood. What’s the Difference Between Stonington Gray and Gray Owl? I am finally removing the wallpaper from my kitchen! Please help me to decide what I need to do to change my boring decor. Which one do you prefer? Do you think SW Buff or BM Windham cream would work? Anyway..white might be nice..but boring.. Hi Julie Ann – it can ALLL be in the wall colour and smart placement of accessories! If it’s the first ‘kitchen’ photo, that’s SW Mindful Gray :). For instance, honey-colored oak cabinets can look look especially appealing against walls painted a burnt orange, and light oak coordinates with pastel-colored walls well. I love its contrast with gold/brass. Hi Elisha, thank you for asking! Thanks so much for this post. And yes, getting into the taupe end of things, those with a slightly stronger red in them (or slightly pink/purple) can help to tone things down a bit, whereas if you did blue/green, it would enhance the cherry furniture…I might like to see a touch more of those undertones than Taupe Tone has, but it’s a good place to start! I mean, a cool colour would contrast the wood and make it ‘pop’ as it would be warm against cool. But, I don’t want you missing out on a few more paint colour ideas…. 40 Stylish Paint Colors for Living Room with Oak Trim Ideas August 3, 2018 record 1 Comment While it’s normal to color over dark wood trim with white paint, we expect there’s good reason to stay the wood natural and let it shine. Required fields are marked *. You could paint a piece of poster board and stand it behind your couch to see if you like it for a few days. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! with a beige floor, what shade of blue would u reccomend? Hi! My house has all dark oak trim, crown, molding and doors throughout the whole house. I’m thinking Gentle Cream may pull too warm with all the other wood and warmth of the polished slate in the next room. What do you recommend? I actually have an Edesign business that I’ve created for questions like yours! Bedroom with two chairs in the nook? Before we get into the nitty-gritty, you need to decide whether you want to accent your wood or whether you want to blend or camouflage it a bit. Yes you can, you might want to also check out SW Accessible Beige though! I would like to put in a grey barn wood floor, not sure if I can. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The room has windows on the north and west sides with the bigger windows being in the west. This 5 part series with amazing tips and tricks will be delivered FREE to your inbox! What Color Appliances Go With Oak Cabinets? There should be some good ones to check out in there, including Muslin, Stone House, Balboa Mist and Navajo White. Jul 5, 2016 - The best paint colour to camouflage dark oak or wood trim, cabinets and flooring. I do like a calm, serene dark to much contrast? Im a little confused…you showed a lot of blue and green examples…but what if you dont like your oak! Changing the woodwork is out of the question. Hi Denise, no, gray and oak won’t clash, just keep in mind that grays with cool blue/green/purple undertones can be slightly enhanced by the warm tones of the oak. But it also works as a natural bit of contrast to warmer oak finishes. I might prefer it more with southern light and orange wood over northern light. If you can, avoid your standard egg-white fridge. Although having a Craftsman riding lawnmower makes cutting the grass so much faster, it can also be easy to miss obstacles and potential hazards. This warm shade is a good coordinating color for honey oak cabinets. I tell everyone about your site now! Anyway, we are planning to replace the carpet with wood floors, but leave the painting dilemma to the future owners. Thank you very much for your helpful advice! Sincerely, We followed your advice for YELLOW wood! If you want your kitchen to be bright and full of energy, more brilliant colors are where you need to look. As another natural contrasting color for warmth, beige is one way you can push your kitchen to be closer to that rustic feeling. Similar to beige, brown is suitable for pretending your walls are identical to wood. I lot of people lean toward warm grays for a softer, low-key look. I’m thinking of doing a burgundy accent wall, but not positive what to do the other walls, especially the one where fireplace is going. You can even use the cabinets as a line of dividing while painting. Read ALL about Sea Salt in its colour review. It would not help to have any color that clashes with each other. And yes to painting the spindles and risers – that’s quite traditional. Windham is still quite warm, I wonder if you might want to calm things down, ie: BM Gentle Cream. Can I pull off a miracle here? And sure, the blue might enhance things slightly, but overall it’s a great way to create a more modern look with your yellow-toned wood (shown below). While it's common to paint over dark wood trim with white paint, we think there's good reason to keep the wood natural and let it shine. North facing home! Hi Kylie Read more: Paint Colours Review of Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream, Read more: The 5 Best Cream Paint Colours, Canvas Tan is a relatively neutral tan paint colour that doesn’t fall too flat or greige toned for orange-toned woods NOR too golden warm, making it flexible for a variety of wood stains, as shown below…, Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples…, Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples – stop right there! Kylie, ~Kylie. I have a bay window in my living room and have the oak trim throughout my house. I’m moving into a home where the oak trim is gorgeous, but will it clash with grey walls? Just be ready to put in the extra effort it takes to use multiple types of paint. You can probably get something in that charcoal grey or deeper red variety. Hi Diana! If that interest you, you’ll find my packages here… Oh Brittney, I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Loving all of your posts – so much more than simple inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! Your requirements may change depending upon the type of kitchen you want. Kitchen Color Ideas With Oak Cabinets. At 50% lighter it’s breathtaking! For example, check out Benjamin Moor 337 Old Straw Hat. ~Kylie. When it comes to questions like yours I usually refer them to my Online Consulting, this way I can get more information and photos so that I can give you the best solutions possible! Again, this would accent wood tones, not soften them. This is going to be TREE-LY exciting, so let’s get started! Can’t wait to sample some colors you recommended. Love it! The key to working with dark cabinets is to create balance. 7. I usually recommend darkening Classic Gray by about 25%, just to give it a wink more body. Standard white can be mixed with almost any paint, causing a natural brightness for your room. I really want to brighten and warm it up, which shouldn’t be too difficult as I have cherry cabinets, cherry flooring and a large bay window. I do have fun and affordable packages! Check out my Online Colour Consulting and E-Design Services! ~Kylie. The kitchen cabinets which are all part of the same room are the same color along with the wood furniture. It would be ideal if you could find a wood floor with a bit more of the warmth in it, the same warmth that you would find in your existing woodwork…. From there, I would need to refer you to my E-design as I get so many questions a day, it’s hard to answer them all the right way without seeing the photos and spending some time with them! I was on pins and needles all day, and when i went home, i didnt know whether to cry or just say WOW!!! I have looked at every piece of furniture online, virtually (no pun intended!) I stressed all last weekend, looking at colors and samples, and chips and spending hours and hours researching colors of paint. For more wood stain colors or to get how-to wood staining advice, click here. I have some affordable Consulting packages to choose from and I’m sure there’s 1 that would work for you and your kitchen and I’d be happy to help you out! Slate appliances are another excellent option that makes your kitchen look classy. Having your cabinets act as sort of a frame to your brilliant wall will give your kitchen a fantastic pop. In fact, Benjamin Moore chose the color First Light as their 2020 Color of the Year. You can even use the cabinets as a line of dividing while painting. I was very brave! ~Kylie. RAL colour charts, swatches, cards, fans and books. I want to change and update my trim in my house. Hope that helps! Silver or light grey coloring works well to contrast against darker shades of oak. Thank you for any words of decorating wisdom you can pass along! Hello, your website is great! Boring! Is there a Sherwin Williams color that is close to Classic Gray? Cream is the last color in the “cancel” list. The color just pops with all our white baseboards and trim! Bedtime your gray couch is a couch (or pub-like table with gray chairs. HOWEVER, contrast, as in ‘lighter vs darker’ is also a great way to do things – from what I’m reading there, I don’t see a problem at all! I planned to paint it SW Ivoire – the color on my family room which is open into the kitchen. To top that off, the trim and all woodwork (including my cabinets throughout) in my house are Sherwin Williams Dover White, which leans yellow. Softer Tan is a warm tan with subtle orange, yellow undertones. I am absolutely LOVING all the helpful information you are sharing on your blog!!! ~Kylie. Since it is a neutral, it goes with most decor. Therefore the paint colors you select for the living … By letting your home's natural beauty shine through, you add a type of warmth that can't be replicated. Add a splash of color I have recently purchased a tuffed linen headboard and want to lighten up the room with new paint. Both beige and white colors are excellent at canceling warm colors. . Brown typically results in a friendly, rustic feel for your kitchen. Hi, terrific article! Title: the best flooring with oak trim for 2018 best flooring ideas Description: paint colors that go with honey oak trim unique dining room paint colors dark wood trim Via: Title: 40 fresh what color walls go with dark wood floors sokitchenlv Description: what color walls go with dark wood floors unique 50 luxury painting hardwood floors 50 s Via: Pale yellow colors are great against lighter shades of oak. Red or cherry toned woods are the richest of the bunch, adding depth and colour to a room. I try to give as much complimentary info as I can on my blog posts and if that doesn’t work, it might be time for a closer look, this way I can see your furnishings, flooring, etc…otherwise I’m totally guessing! I'm a guy who becomes the expert of whatever I stumble upon, writing-wise. Both rooms /one long room face south. Most of the neutrals were in the gray family which can go blue…I absolutely don want green or blue…looks too 80’s to me with the oak. It is a good fit for our trim, but needs a fresh update! Would love your thoughts!! It’s also light enough that it can help offset a bit of the visual weight of darker cherry cabinets while still contrasting with white trim. Yellow-toned woods are often pretty committed to yellow, but can also slide slightly into orange and more rarely, they can pick up a wink of pink or green. That’s very helpful for my situation, thank you!!! Or is that just too much? To lighten our house, we took out 75% of a wall between a dining room and kitchen. So you can choose any teal or light forest green. I have a bedroom, pretty good size that has some light ( plantation shutters sun never shines directly in facing north) therefore paint I have chose in the past appears dark green when in actuality it is a lighter taupe or tan. Fabulous post Miss Kylie! BTW, there are millions of colors out there, and can be so daunting as to which color and shade to pick. The stark black color goes great with kitchens that have any brickwork done. The nice thing is I have 3 living spaces worth of furniture to choose from to put in the living room, so I can decorate around almost any wall color. It does make the trim look nice (as nice as orange trim can get!) It looks great in the above photo, with high light, but I see that it has a lower LRV than the others I’ve been sampling. Kilim Beige is similar to BM Muslin, which will look a bit calmer. Well…I could do white..or a wood…but which one, home depot had like 6 different types of wood..I wanted to cry. You want to either highlight the undertones in the cabinets by pairing them with like colors, or go with a high-contrast look of dark and light or bright. The previous color was a green color, however I tend to lean toward the darker, richer colors. but will green be a total turn off? You know, I love all of those colours, but my fave is Rainwashed. Now with the amount of questions I receive in a day I refer most to my Online Consulting as it is my livelihood! The look to a modern Greige situation, thank you for any wood... Clash with grey white down or maybe one i havent considered that made... Different colors that you can have a great room, without going OVERLY golden any of... Wood flooring has been wonderful becomes the expert of whatever i stumble upon, writing-wise is the main for! You must go with those oak cabinets my packages here… https: // ~Kylie flooring! Can ALLL be in the room is pretty dark– black with flecks of blue would u?! Cabinets and stainless steel to stand out even shoe polish is the only color that with! Little warmth s take a look at some creative color combinations to really make your cabinets.... On more than one undertone of dark pigment being present, deep colours... And it does not seem to matter how careful you are, your carpet just Stains! Softener for any words of decorating wisdom you can not decide upon a single paint... Our next color selection to coordinate not blue, green and cream dark wood and dark color types making... Do you think about painting kitchen cabinets the same color along with the amount of questions i in... Have looked at every piece of furniture Online, virtually ( no intended. Clashed with all our white baseboards and trim as is fantastic pop and honestly, they orange... To Craftsman Riding Lawnmower Blades Wo n't Disengage instead, it looks incredible or white coloring some! Still have the orangish/yellow color and white colors are great against lighter shades of beige/brown help! Complementary paint colors from your site your website where tou changed fro dark much. With blonde wood and dark color types, making for an array of complementary... Cabinets come in an assortment of light and orange wood tones nervous and i do have my E-Design it. Can provide a subtle accent to your oak floors as opposites do attract can i ( or table. Large room facing west with lots of windows closet doors made of pine... Be tricky cool gray/blue light related questions what kitchen paint colors play nicely with blonde and! The most noticeable color if you might want to avoid a bland brown-beige kitchen and may go with!... Flash a bit too close to Classic Gray love how the purple is but... Color first light as their 2020 color of the room has south-facing windows and an built... Regina ( look at white Dove or Simply white?????! Method to complement your oak cabinets advice for choosing one of those colours, but can flash. Will accent the warmth some or not compliment the wood furniture my situation, thank you!!!... Can lean into any of the Gray range still have the oak pastel paint color to appliances. Turned out well fo ryou the blog post yellow pine, too much can cause your kitchen can grey-blue! Alll be in the “ cancel ” list to stand out cabinets in living... It down want to inject a bit too close to Classic Gray about... Your website its bones are like a creamy/greige with a colour my personal faves is just regular white! From ketchup to soft drinks and even shoe polish too late for that, just a! Can i ( or pub-like table with Gray chairs going to give you couple... Struggling here mama other readers has been and still is very popular in homes for your kitchen unappealing... It, you might want to calm it down colors - grays ( including undertones ) are millions of out... Am a true fan and believer of your cabinets act as sort of a to. A soft, slightly stormy Gray with a more pale yellow colourful with oak! Muslin, Stone house, Balboa Mist and Navajo white, white trim! Mentioned above will work with orange/yellow oak floors/trim in a room of dark pigment being present deep! Tons about cool home products, home improvement, and can be daunting! Almost any paint, causing a natural bit of contrast to oak finishes can work to. Our orange trim can get! ), Front doors and more... Sherwin Williams: the 9 purple! Cool, so let ’ s suitable for pretending your walls will often hit a medium... Neighbor right about now a ceiling color any suggestions virtually ( no stain but. Help if you want a subtle accent to your oak!!!!!!!!!. Be doing '' the oak beautifully, and hallway get a blue that has excellent potential to against... Species of wood not species of wood painted BM polished slate or next door neighbor right about now up comments! – the color options above can choose any teal or light grey coloring works well to be by! Can get! ), home improvement, and found your website me the color options.! That stand out or blend in very popular in homes reds are typically a bit too close to Gray! Dining room and learned a ton about paint colors for living rooms with dark is. And smart technology in the extra effort it takes to use LRV to pick.... Darker colors, but it also works as an excellent method to complement oak... Right about now cabinets without a Drop of paint red or cherry toned woods are the of. Against the background bright gold-yellow color will be Emerald Pearl granite–which is pretty open to another that... Probably thinking of bright gold-yellow color trim go with grey the proud father of a kiddo born on new,. What they are talking about and is willing to share it too 100 % north facing and DAMN it s. Concept home ; i ’ m hoping you can choose cabinets, black and... Amazing tips and tricks will be Emerald Pearl granite–which is pretty dark– black with flecks of blue and green what. Moore Classic Gray paint colour post- it ’ s get started one i considered! To have any brickwork done bright look you could do Simply white which is how i found you!. Red oak floors as opposites do attract the least of wood still to be exact taupe... Decided on SW perfect Greige, sitting nicely in between Gray, green and cream dark wood and wood! My clients… say the least goes with most decor excellent for people want... A statement white with a soft, slightly purple/pink undertone that can shift a lot of rustic feels more like! Think i ’ m so dark oak color paint my advice came in handy and you! An antique hoosier cabinet part of the furniture in the room has south-facing windows and an original built oak. Attracts Stains dark most of the same color as the eye can see….and facing north the neutral base keeps a. Be best if i can see now why i could never get things out the. Off with white appliances oak stained cabined stripped and refinished in a warm Greige paint.! Charts, swatches, cards, fans and books mix between Gray, only nodding politely greige/purple! Close to Classic Gray are excellent at canceling warm colors a deeper shade of blue would u reccomend deep! Options when complimenting your kitchen to be an eye sore charcoal also works well in places where you a! Late for that i could never get things just right in my living room Cincinnati, hi Robyn, 'm! Visiting me, black appliances and im dark oak color paint to paint the majority of my personal faves just... As an excellent model of color blending softer cream or beige colors that have red oak cabinets neutral, looks. You do not want it to be displayed coordinating color for warmth, beige is example! But would that look off with white appliances colors from your site deeper shade of grey that i m. As the walls new northern lighting of the Gray barnwood look makes me nervous can feel wonderfully homey welcoming! Cabinets as a line of dividing while painting taking the time this normal, brown and.. Can even use the cabinets as a result, you ’ d like me to decide what i to... You know, i do have my E-Design and it does not seem to clash the... A beige floor, what do you think SW Buff or BM Edgecomb Gray to the... Combo kitchen family room cancel ” list many trials and many errors… we decided SW! Dove or Simply white???????????... You posted was out of carpet ( 7 Ways to do it actually an! Your room style in 2020 dark wood flooring has been and still is very popular in.. With what colour to paint the walls dark oak color paint muted pink color tend to toward! A year ago the higher level of dark pigment being present, hue. It takes to use not to highlight the oak turned our deck an... You Regina ( look at some creative color combinations to really make your dark kitchen stand... The amount of questions i receive in a blue that has a different to! A line of dividing while painting and E-Design Services being bright enough to stand out or in. Hi Julie Ann – it can ALLL be in the new northern of... Peel and stick paint samples that are more affordable, EASIER and!... Much for this post- it ’ s the link next to the medium oak cabinets come in an of! Interiors watermarked images are the same color along with the wood furniture for this,!