I'll be over to check out your post in just a second! EDITED 06/21/08: I made a triple batch of this today with blackberry, blueberry and strawberry. Dice any fruit you prefer. Serve into bowls. Our weather has also been quite changeable lately. We went blueberry picking over the weekend and I have buckets of blueberries, So now I know exactly what I am going to to do with it. Perfect. If I'm ever in Paris, I'll be sure to check out this Asian restuarant. :) And you seem to be having the same weather as us...humid and today it was raining all day. Very interesting difference how people are expected (wait for everyone or not). Hi Arudhi - it was really annoying, and then of course you have the moments of "ah, ah, this is it, this is it" when a waiter walks past with bowls of noodles.... just to end up being disappointed :(. and operate my hubby's super hi tech lenses he hangs around his neck to shoot walls and skies. Using frozen berries is a great tip for making ice cream in an instant, as there is no need to wait for it to freeze. https://irenamacri.com/recipes/how-to-make-ice-cream-in-a-vitamix I'd go back, for sure, but I did end up wishing I'd ordered my wife's food and not mine, lol :D. This looks like an easy and fun thing to make with the girls. Always wanted to make my own icecream, but I would make chocolate one, it's hard to find really tasty chocolate icecream for some reason... I didn't have a good, thick smoothie in ages. 15. Just fantastic! I used unsweetened frozen mixed berries for that is what I had on hand (I had to adjust the amount of sugar because the other berries in the mix tend to be a bit tart). :). I doubled it, knowing that other reviewers had said that it makes such a small amount. I don't own an ice cream maker and saw a question posted on the AR exchange for this recipe. Yours looks delectable Charles. Delicious! It has a very cold thick pudding-like consistency once blended.. After reading some other reviewers suggestions I also froze for 30 minutes and even liked the texture of the ice cream more than after first blended. Grumble grumble. I hate when that happens to me at a restuarant. NEXT time I will cut back on the sugar when I use really sweet strawberries. The ingredients list couldn't be simpler: frozen unsweetened raspberries and heavy cream. While I absolutely adore blueberries.. we unfortunately dont get them in india.. so i think will adapt this recipe with mangoes!! you sure those yoghurts will do?! Info. At Sugar Berry Frozen Yogurt, your large or small party can easily enjoy a meal.Sugar Berry Frozen Yogurt offers an informal dining experience for those who are allergic to jackets and ties.Parking is available at an adjacent lot. With blender going, slowly add cream through … I guess Lidl exists in Cork, right? We LOVE ice cream in this house and this is better than anything I've bought in the last ten years. no cream?! I'm thinking about doing a post in the next couple weeks on school-friendly snacks and profiling these chick peas. I also added around 1/4 tsp. Definitely one to make for the Chinese granddaughter, as she is the biggest fan of blueberries!!!!!!! Please let me know. In a food processor, pulse the fruit with the sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and a generous pinch of salt until the fruit is finely chopped. What a superbly easy and tasty recipe. Have a great week! 1 tsp icing sugar. THIS WAS VERY YUMMY!!! Your "ice cream" looks lovely. Do not defrost the fruit. :). Btw, I love having ice creams during rainy days. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. I'm new to your blog.. but I see many of my friends have been here for some time! I find it very cheery. If the photo makes you think of creamy deliciousness then that's good enough for me :D And I wish I could drag my family to a Chinese restaurant as I'd love to eat at Les Pates Vivantes when we're in Paris next month...I think I traumatized them a few years ago at a fabulous (to me :)) Vietnamese spot in San Fransisco. Your blog should be titled: Five Minute Food. Ice Cream Shops in Leslie on YP.com. Blend up in the normal way and you'll get chocolatey frozen berry cream :). Hi, Charles! The only difference was that I did not have the thicker Greek yoghurt, only ordinary, so it turned out not quite so thick as it could have been, and we could not wait to eat it, so I added a bit of creme fraiche and that worked fine. Not quite as good as the strawberry. Cook's note. Having three dinners served at such intervals would make the experience one I'd be hesitant to repeat but I'm glad you and your wife adapted and still had a pleasant outing. 1088 Jackson Xing. There are several great Japanese noodle dishes ... miso soup, soba noodles in a peanut butter sauce, for example. It has happened to me very rarely, but from friends' opinions or internet sources I noticed it's always "regular" behaviour in certain places, so I would never come back to a restaurant like this. This is my new favorite recipe right now coming upon summer!! And healthy, too...can't beat that! Thanks a lot for the tip! I love your frozen BB greek yogurt recipe, I can attest that it works very well with non-fat yogurt too! At least I can see if that serving is a regular thing then! You may want to blend longer if you want a smoother fruit texture. Your blueberry ice cream has such a lovely color. Then she paused and said, "Can you go make it?" Sugar Berry, Lansing, Michigan. It reminds me of the thick smoothies my sons and I make and enjoy eating with a spoon. It's quite difficult to enjoy a meal when everyone gets the orders at different times. I love how simple and healthy this is Charles, sounds like a perfect way to satisfy a craving when you don't feel like going to the grocery store. I will be able to see if their serving ineptitude is a regular thing! The staff can be a bit brusque at times but the food... oh my God. The yogurt ice cream sounds quite tasty and refreshing. :). Hi Charles, We'll be in France for 11 days, but only 3 in Paris. We have been buying Noblissima chocolate dairy icecream, Premium quality, from Lidl. Start small. Is this GOOD! Especially when noodle is expected to eat when it's hot (not warm) etc. ~Melissa, Thanks Meliss - let me know how it goes :), I definitely will! For more information, please refer to our privacy policy here: http://fiveeurofood.com/privacy-policy/, Sweet and simple! WOW!!! You could make a chocolate and berry blend - use frozen berries as normal, and then add a teaspoon or two to taste of cocoa powder, maybe with a spoon or two of sugar to offset the bitterness. Really creamy and rich tasting. Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. She lives in Ireland, though I think Lidl is there too! Still, it was pretty much 20 minutes or so between my wife's meal and mine - even that is a bit much to be honest! I'm wondering where I normally go now, haha.